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Why Choose AtomRobot?

  • Professional talents &team

    AtomRobot focuses on researching its core calibration technology including the Optimization Design of the Parallel bodies, the Precision Design, Machine Vision, Error Compensation and Kinematic Calibration, enabling continuous improvements in the parallel robotics field. The special control system and vision system of the parallel robot developed have been iterated many times, greatly reducing the application cost of the parallel robot.

  • Be the supporter behind the integrator and provide full cycle guarantee in the process of project verification, design, delivery and service

  • Has established a complete pre-sale service system and after-sale security system.
    For domestic customers, We ensure provide solution within 12 hours, arrive at the customer site within 24 hours, at the same time, for oversea customers, give the feedback solution within 24hours, departure within 48 hours.

  • Relying on the 20 years of technology accumulation of Tianjin University& Beihang University, mastering the principles of kinematics and dynamics modeling, developing a control system based on PC (X86+Linux), introducing high-speed vibration suppression algorithm and error compensation technology, leading the world.

  • AtomRobot’s product working space ranges to 2200mm, the rated load is up to 25kg, and includes all series of industrial and teaching applications. It is the most complete parallel robot body manufacturer and supplier in China.

  • 20 years of technology accumulation, 600 field visits, 400 sets of program design, 300 customers to cooperation, 150 scenarios to achieve.

D3 Series—Sorting of mobile phone screens 480 270 Atomrobotcn

D3 Series—Sorting of mobile phone screens

In the current trend of new consumption, young people with personalization, new technology, and trendy design have evolved their demands…

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The transaction volume of high-end equipment manufacturing has reached a new high 1706 1280 Atomrobotcn

The transaction volume of high-end equipment manufacturing has reached a new high

Parallel robots, with their unique structural design, integrate high efficiency, precision, and flexibility, and are gradually changing traditional production modes.…

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AtomRobot, as a Chinese industrial robot brand, it is aiming to become the top tier parallel robot company in the international market.

Widely used in the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare,
Daily Chemical, and Electronics Industries

“We hope that AtomRobot parallel robot could have its name in the history of the development of industrial robotics” SONG Tao (宋涛), the CEO of AtomRobot.

  • 2020, 5

    2020, 5

    In May, Suzhou company is fully operational.

  • 2020, 3

    2020, 3

    In March, the 4th production base was put into use

  • 2019, 10

    2019, 10

    In October, awarded the title of Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise

  • 2019, 8

    2019, 8

    In August, B financing

  • 2019, 5

    2019, 5

    In March, The AtomMotion the independent R&D robot control system was released, at the same time, the 3rd production based is put into use.

  • 2018, 11

    2018, 11

    In November, won the 4th”Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, National Gold Award.

  • 2018, 10

    2018, 10

    In October, Delta series won CR certification

  • 2018, 9

    2018, 9

    In July, Self-developed vision system comes out(AtomVision)

  • 2018, 6

    2018, 6

    In June, All series of products have passed the EU CE certification

  • 2017


    In March, company moved to Tianjin Economic Development Zone

  • 2016, 10

    2016, 10

    In October, Shenzhen venture capital investment leads A financing

  • 2016, 1

    2016, 1

    In January, won the second prize of international technical invention.

  • 2015, 10

    2015, 10

    In October, won the national high-tech enterprise certification.

  • 2015, 8

    2015, 8

    In August, release Atomrobot Brand

  • 2015, 5

    2015, 5

    In May, received Angel Investment

  • 2014


    In June, Diamond, Delta&Cross were officially exhibited at the 2014 CIIF(Shanghai).

  • 2013, 8

    2013, 8

    In August, first case; Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical Infusion Packaging Line was delivered.

  • 2013, 6

    2013, 6

    In June, passed “ISO9001 Quality Management” system certification

  • 2013, 1

    2013, 1

    In January, Chenxing(AtomRobot) was established in Wuqing District, Tianjin

  • 2007


    AtomRobot was my country’s first parallel robot settled in the China Science and Technology Museum.

  • 2003


    Diamond No.600 was exported to the UK, the first to export abroad.

  • 2001


    The parallel robot developed by Prof. HUANG Tian’s team won the US patent